Our services

We understand the business of insurance and the broader financial services context. We also intrinsically understand and value your customers' needs. Our services are carefully designed with research and insight based knowledge to help you lead in your target market.

Digital 360 Degree Escalation Program

This is a go-to service for any insurer or a financial services organization looking to completely revamp or create an ambitious yet achievable digital transformation strategy.

What you get

  • Digital commerce objectives and strategy

  • Digital brand & unique Tone of Voice

  • End-to-end customer journeys

  • Roadmap and Go-To-Market activities

  • Social media strategy and set-up

  • Digital marketing strategy

  • ROI measurement framework

  • Recruitment support to build a digital team

How we do it

We feature a team of multi-disciplinary experts across marketing, technology, customer experience, research to harness data, new technologies, and design thinking principles to help you create a successful digital proposition.

Digital Marketing Mastery

Match your digital ambition with a strong customer acquisition strategy through this service. Drive brand engagement and distinctive brand positioning through campaigns, memorable experiences, and impactful content.

What you get

  • Digital strategy, brand audit, and refresh

  • Digital marketing strategy with sales and engagement goals

  • Selection of appropriate marketing channels based on business objectives

  • Sales and acquisition cost targets by marketing channel

  • Content and social media strategy

  • Recruitment support to build a digital team

How we do it

Our award-winning marketing experts employ art and science in developing winning digital marketing strategies. Using ‘human-centered’ design, FWD’s marketing strategies ensure they are memorable and the impact is measurable.

Social Media and Influencers Strategy

UAE and the wider Middle East region have one of the highest penetration and usage of social media channels in the world. Your customers live here and are highly influenced by this world.

What you get

  • Social media strategy, in line with digital strategy, brand & business objectives

  • Engagement & sales goals by social channel

  • Social media content and community management

  • Benchmarking, social media monitoring and trends

  • Advertising tactics across channels including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

  • Social media influencer strategy

  • Online reputation management

How we do it

We understand the power of social media is an art and science which our team of award-winning marketing experts can provide. We have established relationships with key influencers that can be leveraged to create the right brand impression and awareness.

Digital Sales Escalation

It is not enough to build a great set of products. It is important to understand why and how products can grow. We help construct a balanced business model that is built on an ambitious acquisition and impactful retention strategies.

What you get

  • User habits and needs to study

  • Constructing end-to-end customer experiences

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) strategy

  • Landing pages for lead generation

  • Design and execute lifecycle communications

  • Analytics & attribution set-up

  • Selection/set-up of customer data platforms and other marketing automation tools

  • Set-up digital expert team

How we do it

Our team of experts will design end-to-end digital sales solutions that will create long-term value across the entire customer lifecycle and will allow you to run a digitally-savvy, efficient business with increased revenues and enhanced customer experience.

Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

Customer-centric culture cannot anymore be just part of a boardroom presentation or function in silos. A cohesive customer experience that cuts through all functions will be the game-changer - in terms of ROI & brand engagement.

What you get

  • Customer insights research and customer touchpoints’ analysis

  • Customer-centric culture definition and articulation – outward: in view

  • Setting CX guidelines and defining maturity against key dimensions – process, people, technology, distribution, and customer services

  • Breakthrough initiatives – VoC Plan, Data Strategy, Product Innovation Lab

How we do it

We help put in place a globally accepted CX framework and innovative mechanisms to deliver truly best-in-class Customer Experience that transcends channels and platforms and helps augment long-term customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Consumer Research

Knowing that consumer research is always the start point for any successful solution - whether product, service, or experience, this is a ‘must-have’ competitive edge! Knowledge is power. Insight is superpower.

What you get

  • Customer buying behavior analysis by product or portfolio

  • On-demand or always-on consumer demand pattern and stickiness

  • Actionable insights to develop sales and brand strategies

  • Market trends for product, service insights or benchmarking

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement

  • Marketing effectiveness

How we do it

Our team of highly qualified research experts use a combination of primary and secondary research, social media polls, listening and web scraping, and other qualitative/quantitative methods to aggregate customer feedback, insights, and predictions.